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Miscarriage - so angry.

Can't begin to explain how angry I am.  So over the course of the last four days I have been in/out of A&E and the emergency gynae ward..  They first took my bloods on the Wednesday told me my levels were fine..  I had pains so I went back again,  re tested my levels done a check inside (where the put the clamp thing in)  and told me everything was fine..  I started having some bleeding,  they told me my levels had dropped a little bit but I should not worry and that I should be fine.  I woke up this morning with severe pain and bleeding...  I went to A&E where they referred me back to the emergency gynae ward...  3  hours I was waiting for the doctor to tell me to prepare for a miscarriage,  she then proceeding to tell me that from the first set of bloods they basically knew I was going to miscarry. ..  She 'looked inside agajn' and said to the nurse 'pass me the fourceps'  I asked what was going on she said in a blunt tone 'wait I will explain in a minute'  she told me she could see the sac and was going to pull it out..  That was it miscarriage over...  I am so angry they knew this was happening yet gave me false hope..  She also left me sitting on the bed with no trousers on, for Ten minutes and left the room... I can't even process what's happened because I'm so angry :(


  • Oh Kirstyvictoria12, I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you've had the most distressing experience. (Please know that you can make a complaint to your hospital's PALS service, if you're unhappy with the way you've been treated.)

    There are, sadly, loads of wonderful women here on MFM who've had miscarriages and lost babies, so I'm sure some of them will be along soon to offer you some support.

    Please do be kind to yourself.

  • Thank you for your response, 

    I have been told about PALS service by a family member,  they all believe I should complain,  il look into it atm I'm just trying to process it all. 

    I know,  from looking on here I'm shocked how common it is and I honestly don't know how they've managed to cope. 

    It's nice to get support and hear from people who have been through it and understand how you feel, it makes you feel a little less alone. 

    Thank you for your kind words x 

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