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Hcg levels slowly rising?? Positive feed back?

Hi, last Sunday April 10 I had a spot of red blood (not a lot at all) and stopped bleeding after That one time.  I still went to the hospital and my hcg levels were at 2,500 they said I could be around 4 weeks. Then went to see my dr on Tuesday the 12 my hcg levels went to 3,700 then took blood on thursday the 14 and levels were at 3,980. The dr said I could be having a miscarriage but because I haven't been cramping or bleeding they scheduled a ultrasound on Monday to see if they can find anything. I know the hcg levels are suppose to double within 48 hours but is there any story's of positive outcome? 


  • Your levels are still increasing which is the main positive.  they go down when miscarrying.  

    Try to get plenty of rest.  

  • My sister's pregnancy test at 11wks overdue her period was so faint they told her it could be an ectopic pregnancy. They took her for a scan & found a healthy baby exactly where he should have been, he is now a monster 7yr old...don't lose hope just yet. X

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