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Positive test, confirmed bloods then started bleeding.


I'm new here. So hubby and I been TTC for three years. Four days ago we got a positive test - clearblue said 1-2 weeks 

had a blood test my HCG came back at 17. Which is low. 

a week before i found out I was pregnant. I had an internal ultrasound done they say I have large cyst on my right ovary  

Coud the bleeding be from that? 

My last period was 26/03/16

Ovulation on 9/04/16 

could I be having a chemical pregnacy or implantation  bleeding. 

I don't have any cramps or anything. I'm really confused?


  • Hi Catherinef9218,

    If your last period was 26/03 then you would be 5wks today. It is very possible for you to be having implantation bleeding around now. Take things easy, try to avoid lifting anything heavy & if it is implantation then it should be no more than light spotting over the next few days. 

  • Thanks for the reply. 

    I've been to the GP had more bloods done. Will find out Tuesday if my HCG has gone. To be honest I think it's to heavy for implatation bleeding. At the GP the test is still positive she said it can stay positive for a bit after a miscarriage  

    One positive is that they said we couldn't get pregnant naturally. So that gives me hope. 

    i will post on Tuesday with an update. 

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