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Medical management of a miscarriage

Hi ladies 

This is my experience of medical management of a miscarriage 

i went for an emergency scan 2 days before my 12 weeks scan as I was spotting a little. Only then to be told my baby had stopped growing at 8.5 week. I then went for further scans such as an internal one which didn't hurt at all. They wanted to have a close look. I could then decide on how to handle my miscarriage. I decided to choose the natural way, I had 2/3 days of heavy bleeding and then nothing. So decided to go for the medical management treatment as I didn't want to be put to sleep. I then had to have more scans by this time I should of been 15weeks but the sac had stopped at 11 weeks size and the baby had disintegrated so was just an empty sac the hospital told me. I went in hospital on Tuesday so,

1st dose of tablets X4 taken at 10am orally 

2nd dose of tablets X3 taken 3 hrs later no pain no bleeding at this point 

3rd dose of tablets X2 taken 3hrs later still no pain or bleeding 

4th dose of tablets taken orally X1 3hrs later still nothing happening the nurse said I couldn't have anymore tablets as can only give 4 doses. By this time it was 7pm so didn't want to send me home just in case anything happened. 

But around 10pm I started to get bad period pains by the time it got to 11:30 pm I was in agony the nurse gave me paracetamol and codine but this did nothing I was having contraction pains and had to pee in a bed pan on the toilet so the doctor could inspect it to see if I had passed the sac. I had contraction pains till 2am the following morning lost 3 bed pans of blood and the blood just wouldn't stop! but the pain suddenly stopped at 2am so I thought that was it as the pan was full of clots and the pain had stopped but the doctor had some bad news I didn't pass the sac it was just blood by this time I was exhausted scared an lost too much blood they told me. I then felt as if I was going to faint so the doctor examined me using a clamp as if you were having a smear he then told me the sac was stuck in my cervix he pulled it out and instantly after that I feel fine. My dizziness had gone and i felt relieved I new it was all over. The following morning I had lots of blood test my temperature and blood pressure taken all the time and made sure my bleeding had stopped and went home the following night. 

if i new it was going to be like this I wish I could of turned back time and be put to sleep for the procedure, so this is why I wanted to share my experience. 

Think about it before you choose 


  • I was taken in at 3pm. Had an very early scan at 4 weeks as i thought i was further on. Got a scan at 7 weeks expecting a heartbeat they said, stopped growing at 5 weeks 6 days. No sign of it miscarrying, opted for ,medical management due to partners worries of anaesthetic. Bad idea. Went in at 3. Pessaries at 5, nothing, tablets at 9 cramps n bleeding, nothing, more at 12am, nothing, taken to teatment room at 3.45am,manually removed some tissue due to cin3 lazer treatment removal made it difficult to pass. On toulet twice with pan and bleeding then nothing. Sent me home. More bleeding, 2 days later large tissue passed and more bleeding, 4 days on still cramps and bleeding feel theres more to come...would advise anesthetic then u know its out, possible return visit to hospital i think....... Advice? 

  • I just wanted to put on here my experience of a medical management miscarriage that I had yesterday.  This was my 2nd mc and I previously had the d and c after my first op but it took me a long time to concieve after the d and c so opted for medical managment this time after unfortunately another miscarriage. 

    I did lots of reading about medical managment and read lots of horror stories online. My experience was very straight forward and if you are unfortunately having to look into this due to a loss then it's the most straight forward at a sad time. I was given tablets to dissolve under my tounge at midnight at home and then 2 tablets to take at 6 in the morning. I had to go to the hospital at 8 am for the day to monitor the miscarriage. I got to hospital and passed the miscarriage by 8.15 and didn't need further medication. The pain was uncomfortable but bearable I didn't have pain relief just a hot water bottle that eased the pain. I was kept in hospital for a few hours after to monitor my wee and the clots I passed but was allowed home. 

    I am sorry if you are having to go through this too but I wanted to share my experience as when I was reading about it it all seemed like horror stories. 

  • Hi jadeyd, thank you for sharing your experience. 

    I feel that surgery would make me more anxious as I have an anxiety about being put to sleep. 

    i found out this morning at my 12 week scan that baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. Tomorrow I'm going hospital to be given the pill.

    id much rather it happen naturally but I'm worried that after 4 weeks it won't go by itself so feel I may as well take the pill. we are heartbroken and terrified but i know we will get through this. 

  • I am so sorry to hear that you have had this loss it really is an awful to go through. 

    I also felt like you was anxious about the surgery and also it took me a long time to conceive after the op as they say it can cause scarring on the womb and takes time to heal. 

    I took a hot water bottle for the pain and it helped a lot so I would advise to take one with you. The medication works quickly so fingers crossed it can go as straight forward as possible. The nurses will monitor what your passing so they know that everthing has passed. I'm sorry again you are having to go through this.  


  • Hi sorry to hear of your losses ❤️

    I had a medically managed miscarriage on the 6th September at 13 weeks, I had mummy 12 weeks scan on the 29th August and everything was fine nice strong heartbeat, she couldn't the nuchal test as baby wasnt in the right position so booked me an appt a week later on the 5th of September and no heartbeat, I was also against having surgery for the same reasons as you both, so went in on the 6th and they inserted 4 pessaries, kept me in for 30 minutes and let me go home, by the time I had gotten home I was bleeding and had passed baby at 6.30pm about 7hours since they inserted the pessaries, I managed to catch baby and see that he was a little boy, we have buried him in my mums garden with his own little grave stone and plaque, I find comfort in having a place to go and see him and definitely helped in the grieving process, I had a scan on the 18th September that showed a completed miscarriage, it'll be 5 weeks on Wednesday since the bleeding started and I had my first period on the 7th October, I hope this helps someone 

  • I would NEVER  be put to sleep for this because they have to cut the baby up into pieces to get it out and I couldn't do that to my Maisey. I had to go through this 6 week's ago and ended up in 34 hours of labour and the team of midwives were amazibg during this time. They gave me morphine which I could do myself and made sure I was as comfortable as possible.i was in 3 days in total. My daughter had downs syndrome and structural problems with heart and brain and making this choice was horrific. I also had a lot of problems after. I had to have placenta removed manually it got stuck. Then 2 weeks later rushed for emergency  ERPC surgery as womb became badly infected. Then 2 weeks ago I started to haemorrhage clots the size of chicken filets and put on my 6th lot of antibillotics. During all this I had to go collect my baby girl from the crematorium. I wouldn't wish this pain and heartbreak on anyone. Ice attached a pic of some of my clots so people can see what u was dealing with. 

    But I went through all of this and I suffered so my little girl didn't have to anymore because as heartbroken as I am I had to be strong for her and I would rather i suffer than her xxx image

  • I am so sorry for your losses.

    Suzie you are so so brave... This must have been awful! :( having to make a choice like this… I can't even imagine it :(

    I had mmc with twins at 11+4 wks and I actually regret going for D&E. At the hospital I was told that I would suffer much more if I went for medical management. They were soooo wrong. It was supposed to be 20 min procedure but I woke up after 3h and I was told that they couldn't remove placenta. I lost over 1 litre of blood so I had to stay in hospital. My husband was crying when I woke up as they didn't give him any information and he didn't know I was bleeding out in the theatre.

    I was given some injections to help absorb all the tissue that was left there. I didn't have a period for another 2 months and I really thought that they left me infertile (yea, that can happen too). 

    I guess both options can be bad for different reasons. After D&E you can end up having scars and the fact I couldn't actually say goodbye to my babies was awful. 

    You have to chose what's best for you but I just want to say that both options do have risks xx 

  • They do all have risks. The natural labour is the best way but it can take ages like mine did. 34 hours was a long labour but this is rare and I just seemed to sit in the crappy odds with everything but again that's rare l. Ice just had my first normal period and all seems ok so that's reassured me as I was so worried  after all the massive clots and the 6 weeks of constant heavy bleeding after x it's not what u need when u are grieving x

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