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possible molar pregnancy?need some advice please, really worried

Hi, I'm looking for some advice from anyone who may have been in a similar situation..

I found out nearly 4weeks ago that I was pregnant, and was sent for an early scan just over a week after I first found out as I was having a few stomache pains,

I have two children who are 10 and 11, but after my youngest was born i suffered miscarriages within a year, with all of them i had pain and bleeding, but that was almost 10years ago.

At my first scan I was told by the midwife that she could only see a gestational sac but nothing else and to prepare for the worst, I was immediately mortified, why me, why again?but i had no bleeding at all, plus i dont no how far i should be as i was on the pill..

she took bloods and said they would repeat in 48hrs, my hcg came back at just under 13000 which I was told is good, my second hcg 48hrs later came back at just under 17000 which I was told again is a good increase and I was to be re scanned a week later, and that the reason they may only be able to see the gestational sac is that I may be too early

I went back to be re scanned on Wednesday, (9days after my first scan) and the sonographer can still only see a gestational sac, she said it has slightly increased in size, but still no yolk sac visible, she could also see a few cysts ...she said again I may just be too early, but when I went back up to the epu the same midwife who told me a week ago to prepare for the worst told me there has been no growth at all and that I need surgery to remove the tissue so it could be sent off for testing as it could be a possible molar pregnancy ...I questioned that the sonographer had seen some growth and said I could still just be too early, and the midwife said very abruptly well fine you've been given conflicting information so If you want to wait a week for another scan then fine, I'll take some more bloods, but if its a molar pregnancy like I think it is then your bloods should go sky high, off the chart....

Me and my partner are so worried, I can't stop breaking down, its horrible, my partner wants me to have the surgery because he doesn't want any harm coming to me, as the midwife said molar pregnancy can be extremely serious, but I've asked to wait to be re scanned as I have read so many stories of people being told the pregnancy isn't viable etc, and they have opted to let the pregnancy pass naturally, but a few weeks later have had scans and they have had a viable pregnancy...

I don't want to risk letting them operate if there is still a chance that I might just be too early....its breaking my heart....

my third blood test came back, and my levels haven't gone sky high, but in 9days they have only gone up about 1000, Im now more confused, as a molar pregnancy should have made my results increase a lot......

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, my heads in bits and its breaking my heart.....


  • Best advice I can give is - do your own research! Arm your self with facts.  

    Mive slso found this: do you have of these? I'm not sure how comprehensive this list is 


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