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Positive tests now negative ? Advice please!!

I tested last wednesday and has a faint but clear positive, on Thursday I tested again (using 4 tests each one came back positive) one was a strong positive and the other 3 faint but you could clearly see it, I only tested because I had sore boobs, on the Monday i tested again using the same brand test I took before, all 4 of them came back negative :/. My boobs stopped feeling sore a day or two after I got my first positive result, I have had no cramping, no pain of any kind, no bleeding, no brown discharge No nothing, has anyone else been in this situation? What was the outcome? 



  • Hi I did have a similar thing happen to me , on the wed 2 positive results a clear blue early and a clear blue digital which came out 1-2 weeks pregnant then tested again on the Friday because my boobs stopped hurting and got 3 neg results , on the sat night I started bleeding 😓 the doctor told me it was a early miscarriage , but if your not bleeding that sounds more positive , did you text first thing in the morning ??? Maybe your hormone levels are you rising more slowly , I really hope everything works out well for you x 

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