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Bleeding in early pregnancy

Hi ladies I'm 8 weeks pregnant on Monday and I've been bleeding for 5 days started off a pinky brown colour now it's red does this mean I'm loosing the baby I've got a scan booked for Monday has this happened to anyone before xxx


  • Hi, go to the hospital and go to the early pregnancy unit ( EPU ) they will run tests for you to make sure everything is ok x

  • I had a miscarriage in March and I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. I am so worried, I have had spotting of bright red and brown blood with severe cramps yesterday along with heavier bleeding and now no pain today and the bleeding has slowed right down - I have had no clots. I am due to see the doctor next week as they wouldnt see me until I was at least 6 weeks. I have other pregnancy symptoms still but I cannot help but fear the worst image Good Luck with your scan Abbiej, I hope it's all good news for you X 

  • Hi im 6 weeks & 6 days pregnant & i had a positive clinic pregnancy test 3 days ago but this morning i started having some bleeding just yesterday i was completely bloated and now im not ... Could i be having a miscarriage please help? 

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