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Pregnancy or period after miscarriage

This is gonna be a bit lengthy so I apologize in advance. 

I started having a miscarriage 5/20. I was only about 5 weeks along so it was a chemical pregnancy. Saw the doc 5/23 u/s showed an empty uterus. Had hcg done on 5/23 and results were 5, and again on 5/25 and results were 1. 

My doc didn't tell me to wait to try again, she didn't really tell me anything. So, we tried again immediately. LMP was April 5 so I wasn't sure after the miscarriage when I'd ovulate or when to expect a period.

On 7/5 went back for a follow up on the m/c. Almost 6 weeks after m/c and still no period. I told my doc that I was having pregnancy symptoms again so they did a urine test which was negative and an u/s which showed a small sac. The doctor again didn't really tell me anything. She ordered hcg blood test and told me to come back in 2 weeks.

Did hcg that same day. Called today and the assistants told me it takes 2 weeks to get results and that the doctor is out of town until 13th. I know it doesn't take 2 weeks because it only took 2 days last time. 

Anyways, I started bleeding on 5/6. First it seemed pinkish the orange then red with tiny clots. Never got heavy like my regular AF. 5/10 no bleeding just brown discharge. 

I've been very tired, my breast are tender, slightly itchy, my wedding ring isn't fitting and having killer headaches. 

Could the bleeding I had be implantation?

Would anything show on ultrasound from my may miscarriage if my hcg levels were already at a 1 on 5/25?

Negative hpt test but if what I just had was implantation then it'd be too early to tell right? 


  • imageThis is a 2 week ultrasound and it's about the size of the sac on my ultrasound. I believe I conceived between 6/21-6/23 so ultrasound would have been about 2 weeks after conception. 

  • Just noticed I put I started bleeding on 5/6. Meant to say 7/6 and brown discharge 7/10. 

    Thoughts please. 

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