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Help, I'm confused!

Hi I need some help or advice I'm confused already. First off, I have hypothyroidism and taking levothyroxine, also am a big girl. In June 10th I took 2 pg tests at home and both came positive but light. Next day and so forth like 7 different tests were faint positive. Last time I had sex was between April 16th-20th, and my last AF was April 27th first day. Was different than usual more lighter and off and on. Went to the clinic April 16th during the morning and came back negative, lady said to wait a week n ago back. I took another test that same day in the evening and came back faint positive. Went back to the clinic April 24th and came back negative again. Told the lady about test and says maybe hers isn't picking up to wait again. I test April 28th at night and came back faint positive and morning on the 29th faint positive too, so went to go get a blood test done and that came back negative. First of June to the 6th all I had was spotting on and off, no panty liner needed, mainly when I would wipe it be light pink. Went to the Doctor july 1st and urine came back negative and a retest on blood too, she said well your not pregnant no need for ultrasound. So she sent me for an thyroid test see how my levels are doing and also had a pap smear done. Well I got to the idea that I'm not and must be my thyroid that's making me ill but the nausea doesn't go away. Got my results for tsh levels and they are not perfect but getting better than they were, so I don't understand why I'm still not having a period and getting more dizzy than usual and nauseated, boobs sore off and on etc.. I decided to take another home pg test on july 5th and it came out very clear positive in the evening. Tried the clinic next day to see if maybe I'm going crazy n it came back negative. Tested again the 11th and its faint positive. I don't understand what's going on, and if doctor said I probably had a miscarriage why haven't I bled still?! And why are my tests coming up like that even after.neg blood test? I'm so confused and stressed already because I feel different and constantly dizzy, tired, sleepy etc.. Plz help if someone knows something similar to what I'm going through thanks.


  • Sorry this was a Noticed I out dates wrong, found out first tests positive June 10th and had fainted positive since then, then went to clinic June 16th not April sorry typo.

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