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2nd miscarriage feeling lonely

ladies I'm feeling so lonely right now, I had a miscarriage in April at 4 weeks, fell pregnant quickly in May was delighted had early scan 15th June and baby was 6 weeks and little heartbeat was seen was wonderful, went bk on Friday for another scan and baby heart had stopped at 6weeks and 6 days, I then went on to pass the baby naturally yesterday morning such an horrific experience  that I was unprepared for no info given from hospital, how do I get passed this feeling I feel so empty and alone and feel like it's my fault this has happened 


  • Such a catastrophe... So sorry for you misfortune. I understand how complicated it is. Imagining how you hold your baby and then drop it... Keep strong, Tiny260!

  • Hi Tiny 260, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. You're not alone, we promise you. We wanted to point you in the direction of this thread - it's for those who've miscarried and it has wonderful women on it who've sadly been through something similar to you. There's loads of love and support, please do check it out if you can. 


    Wishing you well. 

  • Tiny 260,

    iv just been through the same thing. Miscarriage in March at 6weeks, 4days and another thursday - confirmed by scan yesterday, roughly same timescale 6weeks, 3 days. I struggled to cope and get over the first loss, my cycles never returned to normal and we had to use ovulation kits to aid is. It took me ages to fall pregnant again then my bitterness and upset from the loss disappeared and I had hope again. Now I'm back to square 1. Why us? What happened? What did I do wrong? Why is it currently working out for all our friends around us yet not for us? I'm so upset and angry. I hope you are coping ok and managing to pick yourself back up again.


  • Hi vicky101, so sorry to hear of ur losses also it's not easy and so hard to deal with, im just  OK stil have my bad days by I'm coping as best I can. Haven't as yet returned to wor but maybe I will soon. I hope ur coping as I know how hard it is after 1 is hard enough but 2 is unimaginable. As I say why us and what happened? That we will never know, I find myself questioning whether I will ever have the strength emotionally and physically to try again, much love to you x

  • Thanks for your reply Hun, I know it's so hard emotionally, we will try again but it is hard as most of my friends are currently pregnant and seem to have had an easy ride, great for them but you just think why has it not worked out for me :(.  I had a very difficult few days and took 2 days off work after the scan until the bleeding and pains stopped but then went back to work on Wednesday. I'm a nanny and look after 2 littlens so it's hard not to show emotions around them. Absolutely gutted i feel Iv spent all year trying for baby, not drinking and eating right and doing everything to the book and it's still not helped. Iv been put on iron tablets as they said my iron was very very low and midwife mentioned possibly going to gp next time we get a positive and discussing a low dose of asprin to help the baby cling on as it thins your blood. Don't know if youv heard about that or anyone's suggested that to you (of course not recommending you do and definately don't without a doctors suggestion). Hope in time you are able to pick yourself up and try again. Hopefully weve just unfortunately been unlucky. Xx

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