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Really scared

Hi ladies is there anyone to chat with me x


  • Is everything ok hun?? x x 

  • I have had a bad head all day it will not shift and got few cramps x

  • You posted in the miscarriage & Pregancny loss section.. I just wanted to check if everything is ok x x

  • I am sorry I didn't relise new to this x

  • Oh it's ok hun!! It took me a little while to get to know my way around the site LoL!! 

    If you don't mind me asking how many weeks are you?? 

    Unfortunatly headaches are very common in pregnancy. There isn't much you can do other then drink plenty of fluids. (I think it's safe to take paracotmol but double check this with your midwife an doctor before doing so just incase I'm wrong!!!!) 

    An craming can be normal in early pregnancy due to everything growing & stretching inside. (Should be fine as long as it's not unbearable pain or bleeding) x x 

  • I am 5 weeks 2moro really worrierd as had a few mc x

  • Have a chat with your doctor to see if they can book you an apt with your local EPU unit to give you an early scan. 

    It will help to ease your mind x x 

  • Can they do that xx

  • Yes usually in cases where there is a history of miscarriages. 

    I'm sure everything is fine try not to worry hun an keep postive thoughts x x x

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