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Help ! So confused !

Okay so to begin with, my bf & I are not TTC. But I started getting some symptoms about a week & a half ago and I pretty much knew I was pregnant. Started with swollen & sore boobs, puffy areola, and back pain. The anxiety has been weighing on me so I decided to get a test last night (14dpo). I know you should wait till the morning but I wanted to take one just to see. So I go to the bathroom & there's light spotting. I get excited because it looks like my period. I take the test (at night) and it comes back positive 1-2 weeks. I basically had a panic attack & spent the night crying on my boyfriends shoulder (he was calm the entire time!). Then in the middle of the night I start getting a really weird feeling/pain in my stomach & start shaking (on and off) for about 30 mins. I then go back to sleep. when I woke up my shorts were covered in blood. I took the other test immediately and it said not pregnant. I'm very confused and scared. Do you guys think it's a miscarriage or what else could it be? I'm  definitely going to test again tomorrow morning. But I'm bleeding pretty heavy & my boobs which have been very sore for a week no longer hurt at all. Please help!


  • Sounds very much like a miscarriage to me. The timing of the egg/sperm was probably off causing a blighted ovum. I hope you are feeling better. I would make an appointment with the gp just to get check over x

  • Oh okay yeah that was what I was thinking also. I'm actually pretty sad about it even though I really didn't want to be pregnant. my bf  just told me he was secretly really excited so now I feel twice as bad. Thank you so much for replying! I'm definitely going to make an appointment for this week to confirm.

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