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How long should I wait to try to conceive after miscarriage

In a week ago I had a miscarriage when I was 9 weeks pregnant, my doctor told me to try again after 6 weeks but for me 6 weeks is too long, we tried already in 2 days of miscarriage after bleeding has stopped but I didn't take a pregnancy test yet, i'm nervous my wish is to conceive now even before I get my first period as I can't deal with the situation of loosing a baby. I want to know is it dangerous to have sex after 2 days of miscarriage? Is it possible to conceive soon?


  • Firstly sorry yo hear about your miscarriage..

    Drs advise waiting until after you have had a period simply so they can date the new pregnancy.

    There is no reason to wait if you feel you want to try again. It does take a few weeks for you to get a negative pregnancy test though which is hard when ttc again.

    Take care

  • Thank you for your response, I just hope I could get a positive pregnancy test in weeks to come, may God perform his miracles again.image

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