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3rd miscarriage

I am 24years old, and currently experiencing my 3rd misscarriage. My first miscarriage happened at 10weeks, and then it took me 5 years to get pregnant again-which I miscarried at 5 weeks. A year later (today) I am almost 5 weeks and the bleeding and back cramps have begun. I went to the dr. Today to have my blood tested to make sure my hormone levels were rising; I have not yet received the results, but I doubt that there will be good news. In the past I've done the HSG test and my tubes were clear, I produce many eggs each month, my ovaries look great, and for that reason the doctor does not want to pescribe me any medication such as clomid, Progesteron, or fertility husband and I are really afraid of losing this pregnancy,  but I have no idea what to do at this point, any suggestions? 


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