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Miscarriage at 21 weeks

 I had my little boy at 21 weeks due to a infection in placenta any one been through this and any advice please


  • I am really sorry to hear about losing your little boy.

    I lost two little boys not due to infection mine are unknown why, one at 19+1 weeks and one at 20+6 weeks.

    It is heartbreaking! My only advice is to let yourself grieve, I rushed into TTC quickly after my first loss and wasn't ready.

    On a slightly positive note I do now have a 5 month old little boy.

    If you want to talk or ask questions or vent then send me a private message anytime :) 

    Take care x

  • Hi Sammy2016, we're so sorry to read of your loss. We can't imagine how you must be feeling, but we wanted to let you know, you're not alone. We have a thread which we thought you might find of help right over here. 

    Wishing you much love and strength, and hugs x

  • Thank you  we were on holiday over on Spain when happend  so we just trying to bring him back home xx

  • Don't give up girl! It's important to keep trying. A friend of mine had same problem, please dont isolate yourself from others, moral support is very important now. Remember we will support you no matter what! xx

  • Oh, Sam. I am so sorry for your loss. I know, what you are going through now. I've been diagnosed as HIV positive and I lost my boy in the age less than a year due to simple cold boosted by HIV. And now my DH and me are seeking for other ways to have a baby. Its true. You shouldn't isolate yourself from others. There always must be a person around to support you. And no matter what we are always here to support you!

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