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Am I Miscarrying? (Rhesus negative)


I am currently 7+1 weeks pregnant. I started spotting yesterday morning and began to bleed bright red a few hours later. It was light bleeding but I did pass a few small clots at one point. Today it has progressed to period like bleeding. I'm not soaking through's more like what the 3rd day of my period would look like. I've been cramping since yesterday but it is bearable. I continued to pass small blood clots but nothing major.

I am also rhesus negative. I was given a shot during my first pregnancy (to a now 3 year old boy) so I am worried about miscarrying this one. I still do not have a doctor that I can call so I'm contemplating going to the emergency room. I'm really worried but I feel that there is no longer any hope for this pregnancy.

Are there any rhesus negative mothers that went through a miscarriage? What should I do? Should I wait it out to see what happens or should I hurry go to the hospital??


  • Hi sweetie, I am rh neg. you may or may not be miscarrying and for that reason alone you should be seen as the bleeding could be something else it's not always due to miscarriage. When I had my mcs I hadn't hit the point where I needed to have the anti d but I can't remember how far along you need to be to have to have it when mc. Best to get yourself checked and good luck xx 

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