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I'm not sure

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I'm having a little bleed , when I go to pee I have a few drops of blood Come out and then some red blood on the toilet papper , iv been wearing a pad and over nearly 30 hours I haven't bleed on the pad enough to cover a whole pad yet just changed it for clean reasons , I have no cots or not pain at all , any help ? Been hospital last night but said I didn't have a uti and wait and see if it gets worse it hasn't really changed , been toilet few times and no blood !


  • Some women do spot and bleed during pregnancy, hopefully it will be ok fingers crossed,

  • I'm 6week 3days I've bin bleeding for the past 2days last night was really heavy wiv few large clots n very painful went for a internal scan today and there was no heartbeat and there should be when baby is measuring 6.5mm I'm so upset the bleeding has now stopped only wen I wipe I have to go bk in two weeks to check again there said its a start of a misscaraige is there any hope for me ??????

  • I'm sorry to hear that.  Bleeding with clots isn't usually a good sign.all you can do is wait in hope and take care of yourself.  Keep an eye out for other symptoms.   Not sure if a pregnancy test will give you any answers at your stage

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