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I've had a complete nightmare. After spotting for 3 days my gp advised me to go to a and e. I was sent for a scan and to cut a very long story short was told I was having an incomplete miscarriage.  I had a pessary and tablets to get rid of the retained product. After 10 days of heavy bleeding it finally stopped. 20 days after the procedure, I had an appointment to check if everything was sorted. My pregnancy test came back as faintly positive so off we went for a scan. There was a small amount of fluid. The lady said this could be left from the miscarriage. I've also started bleeding again today, literally started as they asked me to provide a urine sample. My partner and I have had unprotected sex so could it be a pregnancy? I darent do any more tests as I don't want to go back to the hospital if it is positive.  The hospital really have treated us appallingly and I still haven't had time to process what has happened.  

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