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Stillbirth at 23+3

So I am now a FTM to an angel! I went in for a routine scan only just over 3 weeks ago at 23 weeks gestation with my mam and husband. I was told my baby boys heart had stopped, I only felt him moving the night before, i cant begin to understand! I was induced and gave birth to my perfect baby boy on the 7/10/16. He was bown with the cord wrapped around his arms, hands and body, the midwife says this could certainly be a contributing factor as to why 2 days ago at only 22 I had to bury my son and all my hopes and dreams with him. I feel its really wrong but so right at the same time that I want to get pregnant again straight away, Im empty, my cot and arms are empty, I have an overwhelming need now to mother my baby. I dont know what to do, Im lost completely. Any advice would be appreciated.

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