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7w 3d pregnant, hcg almost stop rising and no heartbeat

Hi girls,

This is my very first time to actually say anything in any forum.  Forgive me for the long note, but I just could not bear it anymore.

Here is the story.  I found I had some spotting which I thought that it was my period.  After wearing pads for a whole day, no ordinary menstrual bleeding at all. three days later, still no period, so I took a home test which turned out positive.  This is actually around 2-3 days before I suppose to have my period.

After the positive test, I started spotting, very very light, could only notice when wiped, in dark brown, but it lasted for 4 days.  So my doctor started to monitor my hcg and here are the tracking:

Day x: hcg 2225

Day x+2: hcg 2975 (doctor started to be concerned)

Day x+7: ultrasound, only gestational sac, measured 5w4d (6w3d based on last period)

Day x+8: hcg 4927

Day x+10: hcg 6054

Day x+13: hcg 6500

I just came back from my ultrasound (Day x+17).  The tech won't tell me anything, only thing she said is "I couldn't do any measurements...there's nothing for me to measure". However what I saw was definitely something tiny in the gestational sac but not sure what it is.  Today is actually 7w6d based on my unsure dates for the last period and the ultrasound measured me at 6w3d.  The doctor already prescribed me the medication for "passing out everything" but I am still waiting for a firm confirmation as the ultrasound results will only arrive at my doctor's desk 3 days later.

Do I still have hope? After almost 2 weeks' waiting, I feel like I'm at the edge of losing my sanity.  I couldn't work, couldn't concentrate on anything but thinking about it.  I wanted to cry (I already did for so many times) but now I just could not shed any tears.  I don't see the point of living the life and I lost interest in everything. At this point, I feel like talking to someone but all I hear is: you can start trying soon after! But no! i am still lingering on this one!

I've read good experiences and bad ones here and there but none of them have similar situation as me. So I decide to share mine with you and see whether anyone is in the same situation as me.  Good or bad are welcome.  I know it won't change any of the results but at least I need to communicate with you, for the sake of my sanity.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  • Hi girls,

    As I just finished writing the previous post, I received a call from my doctor and she gave me the "green light" to take the medication.  Basically, the little tiny thing I saw was highly likely a small clot of blood which means my miscarriage is soon to start.

    I am now crying as I am writing.  I wish my experience will not happen to any of the girls who want a baby as badly as I do.

    Thanks for reading.

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