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6w6d... possible mis

I had my first doc appt one week ago today; I'm 6wks and 6 days along. A low pole was found (about 98), but said they like it to be closer to 150. I am a healthy/fit 28yr old, but was smoking when I conceived (it was unplanned, but welcomed)!  I was feeling super tired, and had cravings, mood swings, super sore boobs, food adversions, nausea, all of the typical symptoms for a few weeks.  My symptoms have all but disappeared!  I'm still peeing  1-2x a night, but I was having to go 2-4x night. Boobs are still a bit tender, but thats all that I'm feeling. I had a sharp pinch in my low belly 5 days ago; I keeled over in pain, but it quickly ceased. I havent had any bleeding. 

My next ultrasound is in 6 days (Friday) to check on the pole/heartbeat.  I'm tortured not knowing if I am still pregnant. Are there any tests I can do before my doc appt to know??  My heart is aching with uncertainty.  I just think I'm too early to have lost my 1st tri symptoms. 

Any advice in how to detect a miscarriage would be very appreciated!  


  • Hello x I feel for you with the waiting it out to have another scan.  Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do yourself to know if your baby is viable. I went through something like this about 3 years ago and I trawled the Internet for hours trying to find answers.  

    Symptoms can come and go too so that's not a very reliable indicator. I went on to have my little one Nov 2015 and because of my previous experience spent every day worrying about symptoms or rather lack of. I sent myself crazy over analysing every little ache, twinge, feeling really ill and then not feeling sick on certain days.

    Had the Dr mentioned about taking blood to check your hcg raising appropriately.  That can be a reliable indicator.  Other than that it's waiting for the next scan. 

    It could be that you're not as far on as you think and that's why the fetal pole isn't the expected size for dates. But having one there at all is surely a good sign. Please let me know how you get on.  Take care and hope Fri comes quickly for you x

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