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Was I pregnant?

Hello all. I was 6 days late on my period, which never happens, and on the 6th day i started spotting and at night bleeding. I hadnt taken a pregnancy test because I read it was best to take one after 10 days being late. So when I started bleeding I got scared because I emotionally felt pregnant and I found out about chemical pregnancies so I went to buy FRER tests, drank a lot of water and took one that night and showed a faint pink positive, but I didnt look at it until about 5 min. During the night I woke up to really bad pain in my lower abdomen and the first thought that came to my head was that I was loosing my baby. In the morning I took my second FRER and it showed a bit darker positive but it was still light. I was bleading heavily and I felt something come out and saw it was red/greyish tissue. I had never seen that before. I took another pregnancy test 3 days later and it was negative no doubt. 

I had not taken a pregnancy test in years and so I dont have much experience with the results.  Do you think I was pregnant (I would have been 4 weeks 4 days when I started bleeding) or is it likely they were just evap lines? But why wouldnt I have an evap line like that on the 3rd one I took days later? 

I know its hard to see the line, but in person squinting was not needed in order to see it and my husband was able to see the line and he needs prescription glasses but doesnt wear any. 

Thanks for the help.




  • By the sounds of it you have had a chemical pregnancy where the sperm gets to the egg but not in time and the egg would of already been breaking down so there fore it wouldn't stretch to your uterus.

  • Attach not stretch 

  • Thats what I believe too image. Thanks for your reply. 

  • I have had one of these myself and still went on to conceive a successful pregnancy without problems so don't worry if you think a chemical pregnancy will affect your fertility that's why doctors dont like people testing early as if you didn't test you would of just thought you was late for your period x

  • I am sorry to hear your going through that horrible limbo phase of not knowing what's going on. Its awful. 

    When i miscarried back in August i found it really hard to wrap my head around it and even though the hospital had told me that I had miscarried I kept thinking I had just imagined being pregnant. I mean talk about going nuts! If had all the symptoms too and a faint line as well.

    However the reality for me was when I didn't come on for 6 weeks after being regular my whole life! I know it's hard when you don't have a concrete piece of evidence to hold onto even when I was told I kept thinking the docs had got it wrong. If youve received a negative test then that means your levels might have returned to normal and that you are no longer pregnant. But be careful because the nurse told me once you have miscarried soon after you are very fertile. 

  • Oh my God, I can't believe it! I dreamed that I took a pregnancy test and I was pregnant, but that I was bleeding and then I woke up and took the last pregnancy test I had and its a BFP!!!! Right, I'm not crazy!? I took the picture about 7 minutes after I toom the test, but I looked over at about 2 minutes and a line was already visible. 


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