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Appendicitis in pregnancy


This post is regarding my personal experience with Appendicitis at 19 weeks pregnant. 


Sickness -4 times in one day 

abdominal pain belly button area and right side and hurt everywhere

pain similar to trapped gas is how it started 

began on the same day I had flu infection 

in hospital for 3 days 

signed of work for 4 weeks with 2 weeks phase return

suffered afterwards with bladder infection 

numbness in left upper thigh

appendix did not burst 

baby was fine 


go straight to A&E and tell them it may be appendicitis! 

Please ask me if you have any questions or need advice or want to talk about this if similar experience or your worried of if you have been through same experience. It was very scary especially when pregnant and after my operation I had limited areas I could even read about similar stories online. 


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