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Confused after miscarriage!

Hi everyone, looking for some advice after searching Google with no luck!!

I have 2 beautiful children that I conceived the 1st month of trying both times. Last month I fell pregnant unexpectedly and miscarried on 2nd November. I ovulated exactly 2 weeks later (had unprotected sex several times around that date) and was awaiting my period next week.

My cycles have always been bang on. Yesterday (a week before period due) I had some spotting and thought it must be implantation bleeding. Since then I've had normal period blood, albeit very much lighter than normal with none of my normal cramps. 

My questions are... could it still be implantation bleeding despite it being more than spots? And could it really be my period just 3 weeks after a miscarriage.

I'm feeling really confused and fed up.. just want my body back to normal!


  • I know there are no concrete answers but some others' experiences would be helpful... :-)

  • I am so sorry to hear you miscarried. I had a miscarriage back in August and it sucks. 

    Ive always been regular and have been able to time my AF bang on, however afterwards my first AF didn't arrive until 6 weeks and when it did it was a lot lighter than usual and only lasted 2 days. 

    I know how you feel with wanting to get your body back to normal it's so frustrating but I've been told that it may take a few months for some people to get back to normal. I wish there was a magic wand or some answer that I could give that would make you feel better. 

    Implantation bleeding for me was very light and a brownish red colour. it was nowhere near enough for me to use a sanitary towel. sorry for tmi!! 

  • It really does suck..sorry to hear you had one too. 

    For us it was totally unplanned so we went from shocked to excited and then we lost it. I have a boy and a girl and a third child was never on my having been pregnant again I can't decide whether we should go for number three or not. I don't think I can deal with the stress!! 

    Thanks for the reply... it's getting heavier so I'm guessing it's just my period come early. Very odd as was expecting it to be late! xx

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