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Please help me

Hello there I am in desprite need to talk to someone about a problem I'm having . I took 2 pregnancy test and they came out positive than i went to a clinic and I was told the pregnancy test was positive for sure . I have 2 kids a 6 year old and a 2 year old and both were sea sections . now I'm pregnant with 3rd baby at 31 years old . my husband and I were messing around two night's ago no sex tho and I went to the bath room and I started bleeding . heavaly. Than blood clots were coming out my back hurt real bad and my breast were very tender and hurt real bad no baby or placenta came out just a few blood clots . the cramping from my period didn't hurt that bad . So I'm not sure if I had a miscarrage or just started a period today was day two still bleeding no more blood clots and slight cramps . ....Please I need opinons and help I'm scared I lost my baby or maybe i was suppose to have a miscarrage and it's still in me lifeless .?

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