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brown spotting

i am having brown spotting with no cramps and pain in week 9 of pregnancy. my us is i going to miscarry. whats the reasons of brown spotting


  • I was 8 + 2 weeks pregnant when I experienced my first minuscule bit of brown spotting. It was sort of mucus like, a bit like afree a period. I'd been for scans at 6 and 8 weeks, and both found a strong heartbeat. I therefore didn't think there was much to worry about. 

    Then at 8 + 4 the spotting was slightly heavier, but still brown. The next day I had my first midwifes appointment and she said it was likely old blood and nothing to worry about. At that point I burst into tears and she suggested I go for another scan to seek reassurance. I'm glad I did go for the scan. . Despite there being no cramping, and no red blood, no heart beat was found. I am devastated, but so relieved to have found out now rather than later. I've decided to wait for my body to expel naturally. 

    My best advice would be to get things checked out. Sitting and worrying is painful. Once you know what you're dealing with, however devastating it is, at least you can get on and deal with it. 

    This is my second miscarriage  I'm 45 and thought I was peri menopausal!!  This was our miracle baby, but obviously not meant to be.  Life is cruel but at least the worrying has stopped.

    Insist on a scan if you're worried.  it seems that most of the time brown blood is nothing to worry about, but best to give yourself the peace of mind.  Best of luck.  

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