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Hello mummies,
I have a sad news to tell. I had a miscarriage when I saw my Gynae on 27 Jan due to mild pain on my tummy. My last visit was on 17 Jan. There was a heartbeat. I was then about 6 to 7 weeks because the computer diagnose that I had a late ovalation. The size of my baby was 5mm.

Anyway, few days after that I had mild pain on my tummy. Sometimes on my left or right or even in the center. I suspected that it might me my
laptop which leak electric current into my body and thus kill the embryo.

I started to use the laptop around 18 Jan. And my visit on 27 Jan, my gynae calculated my baby size was the same 5mm. My baby did not grow. Do electric current kill the embryo???? I really feel guilty and sad that I have killed my own flesh.......



  • Hi Leechin, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, I was wondering what happened as I never heard anything after your last post. The miscarriage is not your fault, it is highly unlikely (probably borderline impossible) for your laptop to have leaked an electric current into your body and subsequently, led to a miscarriage. I empathise with you for your loss, I have read and heard from many experts that early miscarriages tend to be natures way of naturally aborting an embryo which would have otherwise been possibly unfit to have carried. I know it is no consolation hearing this and it cannot take away the pain and upset you must feel but rest assured that you have done nothing wrong and did not cause this to happen. My thoughts are with you and I wish you the best xx
  • Hi Leechin -really sorry for your loss. I'm sure it had nothing to do with what you did or did not do. It's just a sad fact of life. You mustn't blame yourself at all! I had a miscarriage with my second pregnancy and then went on to conceive my 2nd child 3 months later. I am now expecting my 5th any day and have had no further problems. So there is hope. All the best for the future. x
  • Hi sorry to hear about your loss. I wouldn't blame yourself, these things just happen. Hope you are getting support and taking things easy. Be thinking about you x
  • Hi all,
    Thanks for all the concerns. I really appreciate. Anyway, I think I have to move on. Because there is only tomorrow and no yesterday. Hope that I can post good news soon.....

    PS: I will be seeing my Gynae again this Sat. I will let you all know my report.
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