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Advice needed!

I am currently pregnant with my first child .. I am around 5 weeks +2 .. for the past few days Ive experienced some very light brown dc (nothing ever when I wipe) just on my underwear, I've also had some abdominal cramps - nothing major and I think I'd class them as mild as can normally forget they are there but i feel as tho symptoms I had to feel pregnant have gone? Should I be Worried? The epu may be closed due to Christmas so I might have to wait befor I can phone them and my early scan isn't booked for another 10 days . I obviously worry and try to stay calm but as it's first time it's hard to not think the worst 


  • It could just be implantation bleeding usually happens around that time , plus brown blood is a very good sign as long as it doesnt get really heavy and bright red , just try stay positive and rested until your emergency scan, hope everything works out x

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