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help need some advice

Hi everyone this is the first time I have used this and it's my first pregnancy, I think am about 5 weeks pregnant and started bleeding which was light to begin with got an emergency scan had no fetal pole but said that can be normal so I have to go back next week but the other night I started to cramp really bad and had really big blood clots every doctor I have spoke to says it sounds like a miscarriage, I am freaking out my emotions are every where am just looking. For a bit of hope please don't r&r, sorry for the graphic picture just thought I would give you more of an idea of the clot image


  • Looks like everyone does just read and run, wish someone could tell me anything if anyone has been through or knows what it looks like, ha e I lost the baby 

  • Hi Kayciee. Unfortunately, no one here can tell you whether you have or not - only a Dr can do this for you. I hope everything turns out for the best x

  • Hi,

    I know it's tough when people can't offer you any help; but we can offer support. Take things easy, and I really hope everything works out for you.

    B xo 

  • Thanks for your reply means a lot xx

  • Just putting this on here so if anyone else has the same thing that I did miscarry, it's not the end of the world in fact your actually more likely to fall pregnant now because your body is used to it xx

  • Hi Kayciee,

    I'm so sorry for your loss. In February of this year I was in your position having miscarried our first baby at 6 weeks, in about 4 weeks time I hope to be welcoming our rainbow baby into the world. Don't give up hope xo


  • Thanks that means a lot,  yea just need to keep trying and stay positive xx

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