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Brown discharge

Hi i am 12 weeks pregnant now. But i am having brown and sometime red discharge since 6 week and discharge is still ther. My ultrasound is ok baby is growing normally... but discharge is there. . drs have no answer of this. Any body else experiencing this. . thanx


  • I haven't been through it but read a lot about it, most pregnancy people get bleeding some even get it until the baby is born, it should be fine just watch in case it gets really heavy with cramp and clots, hope this helps  x

  • I had no red discharge, but noticed brown discharge a few times in my first trimester. I had a scan at 8 weeks because of this thinking I had miscarried. They found a heartbeat, but I got the discharge a few more times. I'm now 24 weeks and haven't had any brown discharge for a while. Everything seems ok with me and baby. I hope this reassures you a little, pregnancy seems terrifying! This is my first and I spend most of my time worrying something is wrong! X

  • Thank u both of u. .but everytime i go to  toilet for bowel movement i found red blood. .

    but i am hoping for the best . . x x

  • I'm 10 weeks I had spotting last night was very worried got told it's very common in first time pregnancy! Got an early  scan Thursday! 😃X

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