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Sharp pains in my stomach.. But no bleeding?

hi, this is my first pregnancy and i am overally worried about the whole situation. I am quite small (4ft10☺️) and i am also quite young (will be giving birth at 19. As this is my first pregnancy am very scared and nervous as this is all very new to me.

I am about 5/6/7 weeks... i have no idea tbh (I have seen my doctor and i do have my midwife appointment booked) i am experiencing all 'normal' symptoms but some are worse then others which is worrying me, this includes bad lower back pain and harsh pains in my stomch area (feels like my whole stomach at times or just the bottom of my stomach) They dont last for long but they are worse than what my normal period pains were and are causing quite a lot of pain! But there has been no bleeding?

I would love to know if its me just over thinking or Should i be worried...? X

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