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Bleeding at 7+ weeks but dr says cervix is still closed !

Help guys I'm new to this . I've already got two beautiful children from last relationship. Me and current partner of nearly 2years have been trying for a good year to conceive. Finally it's happened we're 7+ weeks and I started bleeding Monday night early hours tuesday morning ! Attended a+e and they did internal exam said cervix is still closed so hope for the best ! Have scan tomorrow ! Just don't know what's going to happen ! Wondered if any of you had this happen to you and still went on to have a healthy baby ? Never had any problems before ? 😢😰


  • Hi i was 7 weeks pregnant with my first and on 14th October 2016 I started bleeding, called 1300health and they advised me to go to a&e within 4 hours if bleeding didn't stop. Went to a&e had internal examination  and my cervix was also closed. On October 20th at my scan confirmed miscarriage. But 12 weeks later I am again 6 weeks pregnant, and hoping everything is fine. Just stay positive

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