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Please help me? I don't know if I'm misscarrying

Please someone help clear up my confusion? I missed my period, had all the symptoms of pregnancy but took 2 negative urine preg tests but then a gp blood came back on Friday with a hcg of 4 which nurses tells me means I'm pregnant but extremely early on. (Possibly 3-4 weeks) is that a normal level of hcg?    It's now Sunday and I have started bleeding lightly this morning (bright red, no brown, no clotting, appears fresh blood)  and experiencing cramps (period like) so went to hospital. Doctor there did a urine test which again was negative and so he concludes I may be misscarrying or perhaps not pregnant at all, but wants me to have another blood test in 4 days to check hcg levels again.   What does this all mean?   Am I losing my baby or is there a chance it might just be implantation bleeding and low hcg?  Can it still live if I continue to bleed?  Is there anything I can do to help it?  What if the bleeding stops or gets heavier?  Please help me??  


  • By the sounds of it you either wasn't pregnant or it's a chemical pregnancy which he egg has been fertilised but later on as the egg is breaking down so it doesn't implant properly and ends in a very early miscarriage x

  • Hi stace88 so how did you go with your results of your pregnancy i hope you didnt miscarriage 

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