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2 miscarriages in a row

hi guys, 

In November I found out I was pregnant. I'd fallen really quickly after I got married. I was so over the moon. Unfortunately 2 days after confirming my pregnancy I miscarried I was 4 weeks +. I was heart broken and I shut down for a while it was a really horrible time. 

me and my husband decided to use protection afterwards to allow my body to heal and for my cycle to become regular but miricalously 2 weeks ago I started to feel pregnant again. I don't know how it happened but I was pregnant. 

everything seemed to be going well this pregnancy was different to the first one (I had spotted the whole week before I had lost the first one) but on Friday i started bleeding.. and today i miscarried at exactly the same stage as my first pregnancy 4 weeks +... 

Now as we all know hospitals won't test you for anything until you've lost 3 and I honestly can't bare losing a 3rd. 

my mum and my auntie have sticky blood my mum lost 3 after me and my poor auntie lost 11 babies. is this disorder hereditary? because I feel the way things have gone my blood has killed our babies and I have this sticky blood thing but I won't be tested for it unless i lose a third... And honestly I can't go through the heart break. 

I'm going to book an appointment with my GP tomorrow and see if there is anything I can do and if I am at risk of this condition.. but I just want some advice if anyone knows anything I can do.. If I can push to be tested before the third and so on. 

thank you x


  • You should push to get it tested for! Don't take no as an answer keep pushing them.. Its ridiculous they don't do anything until a third, I too had two miscarriages last year.. One in January and another in may, I conceived again 10 days after my second miscarriage.. Im now 35 weeks.. Definitely keep on at them they can't turn you down! Good luck and all the best xx

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