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Pregnancy symptoms after miscarriage


Basically, lost my baby on the 19th of Jan at 8+5 weeks and passed through the sac and what looked like a placenta, bled for a few days but got the most insane pain ever and felt like my stomach had papercuts, was crying ans screaming in agony. Thats all stopped now ans the symptoms seemed to have stoppes but now they are back and very strong! My boobs have been throbbing and my nipples feel bruised, im struggling to stay awake again, have a metalic taste in my mouth and gone off alcohol again like before, I only went to have a glass of wine and couldnt stomach it, couldnt even bare to look at it. Its only been a week and a half but ive just taken a pregnancy test and its came up positive even though i passed through the sac. Something is weird and I dont know what to do, shall i see somebody or go for a scan?


  • Also, just read that Im most fertile after miscarriage but surely I cant have been caught again already??? Or if I have, I wouldnt have any symptoms yet

  • Its possible, I fell pregnant 10 days after a miscarriage.. But definitely see someone and if possible a scan :) x

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