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3 miscarrages and pregnant again, please help

hello, I'm currently needing abit of help, I'm 19 next month and I've been in a relationship for over 2 years i fell pregnant in 2015 with my first pregnancy but miscarried in june, i than fell pregnant with my second baby in 2016 and miscarried in September i fell pregnant about 2 months or something after my second miscarriage and again miscarried in December on the 1st. I had some tests done and was told that there is nothing wrong with my body and they think the last miscarriage was caused by fallin pregnant so soon after my second miscarrage. Both my fiancé and I agreed to wait 6 months before trying again just like the doctor told us, i got my period on January the 1st and both my partner and I had an 'oops' moment and on one night we didn't use protection, i thought I'd be fine and all but I was getting a few pregnancy symptoms and was meant to get my period today (1st of February) but it didn't come I had been testing since 4 days ago and i could only see a line on the test when looking at the test on different angles and with a light, although yesterday the test line was a little darker and I tested this morning and there was the pink positive line, so I'm just wondering if anyone has been in the same or a little similar situation where they ended up having a successful pregnancy So soon after a Miscarriage? Thank you 💕


  • becsuse you've had 3 mc the doctor should send you for s scan before 12 Weeks so I would make an appointment with your doctor and say you want an early scan and they should send you to the epu at your local hospital to make sure everything is ok.

    it does happen I had 2 in a row and I'm currently 7 months but when I got caught pregnant this time I had a feeling that this one was going to be ok if that makes sense just felt different 

    hope you're ok and congrats 😊

  • Iv had 2 miscarriages, fell pregnant a third 10 days after second miscarriage and I'm due to have my baby girl in 27 days! It does happen.. Just make sure they keep a closer eye on you this time! Congratulations and good luck :)xx

  • Ladies, I cant thank youse enough! Congrats to both of you!! 

  • Hey ladies, a little confused 🤷‍♀️ I was getting positive results and today I got my period? Praying it's not another mc but kind of dunno what else to think 💕 Hope youse are all going good!  💝

  • I also calculated that when I had my 'oops' moment it was the 20th of january (usually around the time I ovulate) so can I really be bleeding already and have something he wrong? 

  • imageThis is my test I took about 10 minutes ago 

  • Is your bleeding heavy

    its hard to see the line with the photo been in black and white it could be a chemical pregnancy 

  • Yeah it was when i woke up, didnt see any clots though, its only light now 

  • Okay just went to the toilet again, this time there was clots, so pretty sure I'm not pregnant anymore x 

  • imageimagePlease help, I'm still testing anf it's still coming up with these second lines, im not using my first urine of the day and they're coming up within like 2/3 minutes of peeing in the stick, im going for a blood test today but just wanna know what youse all think? Thank you xx

  • It's hard to see can u upload pics without the red drawing 

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