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8 weeks pregnant with twins and no heartbeat

i am worried sick... I went for a scan last week and I was 8 weeks 3 days pregnant (from last day of Period) the doc told me i had identical twins but no heartbeat for either and measuring only 6+ weeks... she said it's possible I conceieved later and could be 6+ weeks but wouldn't i still expect to hear or see the heartbeats? I know it's just a waiting game until I go back next week to see if any change but should I be preparing for the worst?? Xxx


  • I went back for scan and its confirmed missed miscarriage! Heartbroken 😢

  • Hi Megan255, we're so sorry for your loss. We want to let you know that, when you're ready, there’s loads of kindness and support out here on MadeForMums, and please do let us know if we can point you in the direction of some support threads. 

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