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My miscarriage experience

Hello everyone who is going through a miscarriage! My heart goes out to you. image

I just wanted to write this to share my experience with you regarding miscarriage. I have had 2 miscarriages. My 1st in August 2016 and 2nd on February 2017. They have both been very different. My 1st miscarriage happened because babys heart had stopped beating at 8 weeks old. I didn't find out until my scan although i was having period pain and very heavy egg white discharge for a week or so but because there was no blood I didnt think anything of it....I decided to let it happen naturally. The bleeding started like a period (not until 10 days after scan confirmed miscarriage) but on one day it was incredibly heavy and painful for almost the entire day. I passed lots of clots and very bad pain but it all ended on that same day and just continued with mild bleeding and spotting for 9 weeks. The doctors kept telling me that was normal, which it isn't by the way!.. I still had a small amount of tissue left which came out on its own eventually, then the bleeding  stopped. 

My 2nd miscarriage was a shock to me also. I had got to 11 weeks and was booked in for a scan. The scan ended up being brought forward because I had the faintest blood on tissue after wiping. I was worried because of my previous miscarriage but after reading plenty of forums I had got my hopes up as people were saying it's pretty normal to have in early pregnancy and I wasn't having any cramps. When they did the scan they told me there was nothing but a small sac there. They told me I could have my dates wrong but I knew that wasn't the case because I got a positive test 11 weeks ago so they should have been something there. I researched it more and it's called a "blighted ovum" basically a sac had developed but a baby hadn't. I started to miscarry very soon after the scan. This one has been painful for a number of days. I've been bleeding very heavily for days and passed many clots and now the sac. The pain has been like early labour pains. It's been very upsetting but the worse is over with I hope. 

With both miscarriages my symptoms stopped or tapered off. At the time i didnt acknowledge it but looking back I recognise it now. So I know to look out for that next time I conceive. I am blessed to have a baby girl who is 10 months old. And I only hope that I can be blessed with another one soon without having to go through this again. The feeling of disappointment is awful. The excitement is just crushed to a million pieces!. I hope some ladies will read this and be encouraged not to give up trying. I knew a lady who had soo many miscarriages it was unbelievably heartbreaking but now she has 2 healthy kids. 

Be blessed! And enjoy life as much as you can. Don't let this be your be all and end all or this life will just be a misery that will pass you by very quickly... Book holidays,, plan adventures and make the most of all this world has to offer. Keep in hope and keep in faith and it will happen for you eventually! 

From GeorgiePorgie 

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