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Chemical pregnancy? Still having symptoms? Help please

I think I had a chemical pregnancy last Friday (10th) I had a faint positive in the morning (posted on here and people agreed) but by early afternoon I was having AF cramps, then AF came late afternoon. Heavy bleeding just as normal but by Monday morning I had stopped bleeding other than some brown discharge (sorry TMI!) normally AF lasts longer. I did a test Monday just to be sure and it was negative. Then Tuesday I was spotting again and some light bleeding which normally after having the brown discharge I have nothing.


I've had headaches since Monday which I never normally suffer from, my arms and legs have felt a bit achy and mainly today I've had only what I can describe as a heavy feeling in the very bottom of by belly (very similar to what I feel just before AF comes but I've had no bleeding for 2 days and) and some strange twinges. Also milky CM (sorry TMI again!!)


Could this still be from the chemical pregnancy? I feel like if anything my symptoms are getting worse!


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