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1st Scan Heartbeat Found... 2nd Scan Heartbeat Not Found

Hello All, 

From my LMP I work my dates out to be 10/11 weeks pregnant, about 3 weeks ago I had a slight discolouration but only when wipe (sorry tmi!!), a week after this my doctors arranged for an early scan I wasn't feeling hopeful but they did find a sac and an embryo and a heartbeat! Said it ws very healthy and should be no cause for concern. They worked me out to be 6 weeks, slightly different to my dates but can be expected. 

I continued to spot but not everyday, over the past week it has got slightly worse but not awful. More red in colour here and here but then back to brown (old blood at a guess). I've had mild cramping but now nothing. I had a Scan on Monday this week and they tell me that it is no bigger than what it was 3 weeks ago and the Heartbeat is no longer detected. Very sad and devastated to hear this news and they have booked me in for the medical procedure at the weekend. 

I guess I am in denial about losing my baby and sometimes think they could be wrong but 3 weeks is a long time for no change. 

Is anyone else going through anything similar? How did you feel and cope with the upset?

Thanks :-)

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