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ectopic, positive/negetive test, coil ? still pregnant

Hello Ladies, this is my first post as i dont really know who to talk to and have found these threads very helpful.


I was TTC last year and unfortunately had an ectopic pregnancy at the start of this year. I took a test last friday it was positive as i was spotting which to begin with I thought it was implantation but it lasted much longer ( this happened with my ectopic) so you can imagine I was scared stiff, I was sure it was happening again. I took another test on the sunday it was negetive and I was still bleeding (very light) I seen my specialist on Tuesday, I had another negetive test and a negetive USS and internal, I would of been around 4 weeks. I had a very long discussion with the doc and he was 100% certain I was not pregnant. Iv decided to give 'trying' a break and concerntrate on a degree, as I just dont think im emotionally ready to go through it all again. He said it was safe to have the copper coil fitted which was done the very next day.

Im now really worried its been missed and ive been tottally irresponsible by getting the coil. I cant stop thinking about it. 

Im having this bizarre feeling in my right leg and pelvis but im not sure if it is related, I feel bloated and have back ache but agin im not sure if its a side effect of the coil or not.

would love some advice or if this has happened to anyone else, im thinking of going to my gp although I dont have much faith in him either as he told me my ectopic was a miscarrige and sent me on my way I was in surgery the next day! 

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