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Am I pregnant or have I had a miscarriage?

I recently found out I was pregnant 2/3 weeks ago. I got 3 positive pregnancy tests, 2 on the day of my missed period & another 3 days later. A week later when I went toilet I had fresh blood on the tissue when I wiped. I had gone to the hospital the next morning and all the doctor said was to do a test in 10 days as I was too early for them to do anything. I carried on bleeding and small blood clots came out it lasted like a period for around 4/5 days then the blood and clots eased off and I was light bleeding for another 2 days. While I was bleeding I did take a pregnancy test but this came back negagive. It's been over a week now since I stopped bleeding and I'm constantly feeling tired, I'm getting headaches & feeling queezy all day. Im also getting lumpy spots around my nipples and my breasts are becoming sensitive not to mention my constant need to pee!! could these symptoms just be from the 'miscarriage' or is there a possibility I could still be pregnant?

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