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Any successful pregnancy stories after recurrent miscarriage?

Hi iv have 3 miscarriages in a row and just want to here other people's success storys and did u feel different with successful pregnancys. 



  • i had 6 miscarriages b4 i had a healthy baby just dont stop trying u will get a healthy baby 

  • Thanks for replying did u do anything different with your successful pregnancy?

  • no done everything the same 

  • So sorry for your loss hun, I had 4 miscarriages one after the other, I then started asprin 75mg during the time I was trying to concieve and conceived a month later, I had a healthy little boy in 2015 and am now 20wks pregnant with a little girl, again I took aspirin. I did have tests done after my last miscarriage and it turned out my blood clots too much during pregnancy, but I have heard that doctors have advised other ladies to take low dose aspirin, maybe talk to your doctor to find out if it would be any help to you. Xxx

  • Hi Nikkik yes I have been for miscarriage investigation and all was normal. I have been put on asprin but just as a precaution I'm just praying it works. I have 2 healthy baby's and then the 3 miscarriages. I just had my progesterone tested today and she  it was very good level at 104

  • Fingers crossed the aspirin will work for you! I have heard lots of success storues about it as I was sceptical about taking it in the beginning so done lots of google searching lol x

  • 6w pregnant now after 4 recurrent MCs, all of which ended at around 7 - 8 weeks. Was diagnosed with a blood clot condition so been taking aspirin and heparin injection (which i did the previous time too but still miscarried). Have been given progesterone additionally this time. Tomorrow is my first scan, 45th day. Keeping fingers crossed...Nervous and trying not to show....Need a lot of positive energy. We are waiting for our rainbow baby......

  • Good luck chia I had a scan a few days ago and so far so good! we found a baby with a strong heartbeat 181Bpm me my exact dates. Im 9 weeks  and just praying still it all goes well. please let us know how u get on tomorrow

  • That's good to hear Sen83! Sending you lots of positive thoughts and best wishes! Yes i will get back tomorrow with the scan result...Always helps to have a sounding board especially when I'm being a nervous wreck inside but not showing it to anyone :-) 

  • I had 3 miscarriages in a row i fell pregnant 10 days after my 3rd and i now have a healthy happy 6 week old baby girl :) good luck xx

  • Chia, Too hard to face 4 mc's. It's your courage to be positive. I hope this time you will get your healthy baby. Have you all mc's in a row? Or with some years gap? I can understand your feelings and nerviness. Every day is like waiting for new one with a fear. I also conceived after two years of marriage. I also waited every day counting on my fingers until my baby came in the world. I have a cute little baby girl now almost 1 year. It was like a surprise for me. When I came to know about my pregnancy. My expressions was like "Is it happened?". I hardly believed it. Until I felt movement in my body at 4th month of successful pregnancy. 

  • My cousin also faced mc during her earlier pregnancy. She was just 20 when she got conceived. But unfortunately she faced a mc. After that she couldn't pregnant again for 8 years. Then good luck came to her. She pregnant again last year and now she has child of 3 months. Miscarriage doesn't meant that you can't TTC again. It happens one out of every five women. Although it's hard to face it. But you immediately conceive gain. In some cases, it takes time to get pregnant after one or two miscarriages. Never feel hopeless in such situation. May be God has a better plan for you. Always trust on him.

  • Jazziiey, Many Congrats. May you got a healthy baby.

  • @nikkik, Good to hear about your baby. I want to talk a little bit about aspirin. Aspirin is harmful for you and your baby until doctor prescribed it. It should always be taken after your gynacologist's advice. Taking aspirin regularly with high dose may lead to misscarriage. It is advised not to take aspirin in early pregnancy. However you can take it in later pregnancy if your doctor advised so. Pregnant women with antiphospholipid syndrome disease should take low dose of aspirin. It is better for them. Low dose of aspirin is good for women with high risk of preeclampsia. It is best not to take aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  ibuprofen has the same effect as aspirin. Never take it without checking to your doctor. During pregnancy, It is good to check labels of drugs for the knowledge of aspirin. 

  • Hi I'm new to this so sorry if I ask things that have been answered! I'm 23 and just has my 2nd miscarriage. I'm fit and healthy and have no diagnosed illnesses. Both times I have found out I am pregnant due to missed period/ sore breasts. Only had positives on early detection tests, then a week or less later started bleeding. My blood hcg has never been higher than 110. Although doctor would date me at 4/5 weeks due to when LMP was. So I believe either I was far less or the miscarriage had happened long before hcg taken just with no signs. I was after anyone with similar stories who have gone on to have a successful pregnancy. Or if anybody had any tips for next time?I started taking pregnancy vitamin as soon as I found out. But have heard about aspirin (only 75mg) or taking zinc. Both while ttc and throughout. Any other advice?

  • Thanks Marie...I went on to have a 5th mc..7w again. Now I've moved on and not centering my life around ttc anymore. It will happen whenever it's meant to..I'm looking at life with different the bigger picture.. It's been a very long, hard and heartbreaking journey but I can't be stuck there anymore. 

  • Me too ladies, 3 mc in a row and now I believe I'm going through my 4 th at 5 weeks 2 days.

    i just can't help but blame myself even though I know it's not anything I have done.

    i am now going to really annoy my doctors about follow up tests.

    i am having extreme cramps now and I've been bleeding for a day now, yesterday it was only pink today is red and I've passed 2small clots.

    even now I am praying for good news.

    my last miscarriage I started to spot at 6 weeks and it didn't stop till I was 10 weeks, I had a scan every week and everything was just perfect then I had a scan on the Friday morning and miscarried Saturday night

    good luck to each and everyone of you xx

  • Hi love 

    I'm so sorry you have had a mc recently it is extremely heartbreaking.

    i had my last miscarriage in november last year and started tyc straight away and nothing happened.

    i had a chemical pregnancy in April after then till now have struggled ever month, however early July I decided I would start taking pregnacare for all the way through pregnancy I think I was just wanting to try anything by this point and it worked and I conceived on aug 14 th so I would suggest this as a way to get your body ready and stronger.

    i dont know wether it was this that made us successful in concieving all be it now going through miscarriage again but it's worth a thought 

  • Thank you for sharing your stories. I had 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months, one at 6w and one at 9w ( last week), but I am still hopefull thaks to the succes stories I've read, and the encouraging words. Thank you. 

    You are all brave and strong  ❤️

  • Hi, so sorry to hear of all your heartbreak.

    I've had 8 miscarriages over 7 years of trying, all between 5 and 9 weeks. After the 3rd I had tests done, but nothing was found and I was told it was just ''one of those things", I didn't drink, smoke and was fit and healthy. I became very hardened to it and after the 5th I couldn't bring myself to cry anymore, and after the 8th I tried to convince myself I didn't like kids anyway and didn't want a baby afterall.

    My husband and I went on holiday abroad last year for the first time in 9 years and low and behold I got pregnant! I decided to take low dose aspirin and told my doctor I was doing so. From the beginning I felt totally different about the whole pregnancy not physically/symptom wise, I just had a good feeling. I had a perfect pregnancy and am now Mummy to my wonderful 8 month old son!

    I really had lost all hope of ever having a baby, but this just goes to show you that it can happen and does!


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