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Suspected ectopic pregnancy help!

Hi quite a long story but basically my period was late and it was a struggle to confirm with tests that I was pregnant because the lines were all so faint.
I started to get pain in my left side so went to hospital, blood test hcg level was 500 and scan showed no pregnancy in the womb. I had another blood test 48hrs later and hcg was 1400 that night I started bleeding heavily for about 24hrs. I went back to the hospital for a scan 4 days after bleeding and nothing could be seen again, I had a blood test which had gone up again to 1700! I was told that if this was the result (that it had gone up again) then they would assume it is ectopic but they haven't they want me in for another blood test tomorrow! Now today I have started to get pain which is again on my left side but more in my hip area and lower back. It's not too bad but I did struggle to walk at my normal pace and I feel nauseous. I just don't know if I should call the hopital or not as it's not that bad and I don't want to waste my time if they just send me home again!
Really would like some advice please.


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