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Hi. I'm looking for advice. I had a late miscarriage in December at 19 weeks. I also fell pregnant again middle of march and miscarried at 4 weeks beginning of April. I tested again about 7 days after i started bleeding and had a negative test. I am late for my period so I tested again on Tuesday and this is the results I had.....

Is it possible to get pregnant that fast??

Thanks in advance xx


  • Hi Gabz!

    So sorry to hear of your losses, so devastatingimage

    On a more positive note (excuse the punn!) yes you can get pregnant that fast! It took hubby and I 6 months to conceive initially but I miscarried on 9th Jan at 5+3. Everyone said "it will happen quickly you're more fertile straight after a pregnancy" which I thought would be lovely but at the same time didn't expect at all that it would happen to us. I waited for my first period after that miscarriage but started to feel pregnant again so tested on the 9th Feb and low and behold I was pregnant again! I worked out that we conceived about 10 days after passing the tissue. I'm now 17+2 everything seems to be going well so farimage

    So congratulations! Really hope this is a healthy sticky bean for you! Xxx

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