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Still bleeding almost 4 weeks after miscarriage

Right, this is going to be a long one. I went for a scan 9th may as I had been spotting for a couple of days baby was seen but couldn't find a heartbeat I was told to come back in a week. The next day (10th may) I lost a lot of blood clots I was told to go straight to a&e they examined me had to help me remove some big clots so I knew I had miscarried. I was still booked in for my scan the week later I hadn't stopped bleeding. I went for my scan 16th may confirmed I had miscarried but there was still some remains they said I would pass on my own. I was then booked in for another scan on the 31st may to make sure I had passed everything. In this time bleeding stopped and started. On the 30th may I had cramps and startes bleeding as if it was a period since then I haven't stopped bleeding still cramping 6 days later to the point I'm needing tablets and a hot water bottle. I went for my scan on the 31st they said I still had a tiny amount to pass and I should pass this myself they don't need to intervene but I have been bleeding none stop since. Am I having a period? Can you get a period even if you've not really stopped bleeding from miscarriage? I'm so confused as to what's going on! Sorry for the long post x


  • Sorry for your loss ewright5. Unfortunately your bleeding is likely to contin until all the bits of pregnancy tisssue are out... it's your bodies way of trying to get it all out. After 4 weeks if you are still bleeding as you say you are and scan confirmed you still have some pregnancy tissue left I would keep a close eye on how you feel (physically). If you start getting a temperature or chills or any other signs of infection then go see a doctor straight away. If the bleeding doesn't stop soon in any case I'd go back and request medication to help clear things out. They can either offer you medication (like cytotec) or a d & c. 

    Your cycles will not start again until everything is out as he pregnancy tissue will be producing some HCG which will atop your cycle restarting.

    hope things get better for you soon!

  • They confirmed it's not tissue that's still inside they said just a bit of blood. They had me do a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I thought I'd have passed that bit of blood that was still their days ago but still bleeding and my cramps where awful last night 😔

  • Well at least that's good news that they have confirmed all the tissue has passed. No worries about infection. 

    Its su g a tough time not really knowing what your body is doing or how long things will take. Every ladys experience is different so there's no way to know for sure..: wish I could tell you! 

  • I know me too! It's just awful how long the process goes on for this is my first ever miscarriage and I never expected it to be like this! Thank you for your help though x

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