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5 weeks 1 day pregnant - gestational sac no yolk sac and no fetal pole - what does this mean?

My ultrasound showed a gestational sac no yolk sac and no fetal pole. Which is right on track fro my lmp. But the doctor also did a blood hcg Cumulative test that came back 14815. They are no concerned at these numbers that they didn't see the yolk sac or fetal pole I am going back in this next Friday. I am a wreck to say the least. Has any one had this happen did everything turn out ok? 😟


  • its normal to not see anything more than a sac at 5 weeks. Best advice is to not stress over it, as every pregnancy develops different especially during the first 12 weeks, so the normal text book what should be there at 5+1 isn't always the same for everyone. 

    i had a scan at 5+5 and there was only a sac, went back a week later and there was a small pole and heartbeat. 

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