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Didn't know where else to post I'm losing my mind! Please help!!

hello, I am currenlty 7 weeks + 2 days and this is my first pregnancy,I also have celiac disease,since monday I've been having brown discharge I went to the doctors and he told me to rest and if it got worse to come back I then noticed I had a bit of red so I went to the walk in doctors and they diagnosed me with a water infection so I am now on antibiotics it doesn't seem to have gotten any better I had a midwife appointment on Thursday and they told me it sounded normal but again to get it checked if it got worse,today I rang 111 and they told me to go to out of hours at the hospital I explained that I've been having brown discharge and sometimes it has streaks of red in it he explained it could be from my water infection or it could be the start of a miscarriage I'm not in any pain appart from in my stomach I think I have a stomach bug as I have lose Stooles (tmi) I have a early scan on Monday and I am terrified has anyone had this and still went on to have a normal pregnancy?

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