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So scared I am panicking!

this is very long so bare with me, i am 7 weeks and 3 days today,I have had spotting since Monday only brown I'd been to the doctors and they gave me antibiotics to treat a water infection the spotting turned into quiet a lot of bleeding yesterday and I ended up at a&e where they transferred me to have an internal scan as they thought I was having an eptopic,they found a 6cm cyst on my right side and a 3cm on the left side the bleeding turned into a period no clots just bright red blood and pain from my cysts,they found the baby and said everything looks ok at the moment but too early to see anything I have to have another scan on Monday to take a better look at everything to see what they can do for me I am terrified I'm losing the baby as my symptoms such as sore boobs etc are disappearing :( 

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