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Can anyone help translate my miscarriage/erpc test results?

Recently I was pregnant, we don't know exactly how far along, somewhere between 5-9 weeks.  I got pregnant in cycle straight after miscarriage and have irregular cycles due to pcos (pcos tests have shown no cysts detected just hormone imbalance) 

hcg tests showed falling and rising levels, 2965, 2778, 2600, then almost 10 days later 2932.  

1st scan showed sac but no yok nor fetal pole.  

2nd scan (10 days after 1st) showed a slight increase in size of sac but still no yok or fetal pole. "USS revealed a Anteverted uterus containing a small anechoic area within the funds measuring 6x10x8mm No Yolk or Fetal Pole seen This may represent very early pregnancy however it remains a pregnancy of unknown location".  

Disgnosis was Missed Miscarriage- although actuallbi had been having brown spotting for 5 days previous which turned to red on this day, later whilst waiting for erpc I actually painfully passed a large clot (similar experience to my previous miscarriage) I asked a Doctor too look at it, she said it looked like a product of conception.  Erpc went ahead next day (lots of emergency cases before me so I had to wait overnight) to make sure all tissues were out 

Blood test investigations found 

WCC - 4.7

HB - 148

NEUTS - 2.3 

CR - 58 


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